Polyurethane resin dispersed in water.



Appearance: opalescent, white paste
pH: 8 +- 1
Viscosity: 25000 – 30000 cP s
(Brookf. sp 6, rpm 20, 22 °C)

Field of application

KEOTECH TP10 creates a transparent film with the following characteristics:

- good compatibility with solvents
- no sticky film
- high physical and mechanical characteristics
- good compatibility with pigments

KEOTECH TP10 has been conceived for printing on synthetic fabrics.
On leather, such as nubuck, as suede in general, KEOTECH TP10 may be used for semi-glossy effects.
The glossy effect may be improved ironing  leather at 100 °C, in any case temperature depends on machinery speed. This is the reason why preliminary tests are suggested.

On coated, natural or synthetic fabrics, KEOTECH TP10 gives good fastness to printed fabrics
Abrasion fastness (Martindale method)  may be improved adding 3-6% of KEOSOFT S12.
In order to obtain high rubbing, washing and flexing fastness, a specific  crosslinking agent (about 3 %) CATALIZZATORE KM type may be added  
(the product’s pot-life is approx. 48 hours).

KEOTECH TP10 may be printed as it is, in order to get semi-glossy, transparent effects or adding pigments or liquid dyestuffs for a dyed effect.
In coating,  it can be applied to get dyed and glossy effects or to improve support toughness.