Stabilized mixture of reducing agents



Chemical composition: mixture of reducing agents
Ionic charge: non ionic
Appearance: white powder
Solubility in water: easy and complete hot
Shelf life: 6 month

Field of application

REDUXTIL 1N is a powder reducing agent with high stability.
It offer excellent results in stripping after printing and dyeing polyester fabrics.

How to use

  • In the polyester stripping the quantities are linked to the characteristic of the article to be soaped.
  • It is recommended to work with 2 - 4% of REDUXTIL 1N according to the goods weight.
  • We recommend adding REDUXTIL 1N at 50 - 60 °C and than working at 80 - 90°C.


REDUXTIL 1N reducing power is stable at a temperature above 70°C making it similar to Biossido di Tiourea (RIDUCENTE TBI), and almost twice as effective as Sodio idrosolfito (HYDROSULPHITE).

It reduces production costs thanks to lower price compared to Biossido di Tiourea and its high stability over time.

It has a lower negative impact on the environment with respect to than usual reducing agents because it provides less sulphites in water discharges and is free from nitrogen.

ZDHC MRSL v 2.0 approved and compliant with GRS.

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