Printing paste for a silky handle



Chemical composition: mixture of polyurethane resins
Appearance: white paste
pH (t.q): 8 - 9
Viscosity (20°C) : 21000 - 28000 cPs
Shelf life: 12 months

Field of application

  1. KEOTECH SIL is a polyurethane product ready for printing, it gives elastics and silky hand. It can be mixed with normal pigments.
  2. A hot calender process (160 - 180 °C) makes the KEOTECH SIL hand very glossy and silky.
  3. KEOTECH SIL can be applied to all kind of fibres and thanks to its special soft but strong film, gives good fastness to washing even with solvent.
  4. Can be printed using both linear and rotative machines.

How to use

KEOTECH SIL is a ready-to-use product to be applied either as it is or mixed with normal pigment.

After application it requires a warm air drying and fixing through polymerization at 150°C for 2 - 3 minutes.

In case more glossy and silky hand is required, fabrics could be calandered at 160 - 180°C according to the standard pressure.

Gots 6.0, ZDHC MRSL v 2.0 approved and compliant with GRS.

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