Natural and ecological softner based on lanolin



Chemical composition: liquid suspension of lanolin and special non-ionic emulsions
Ionic charge: non - ionic
Appearance: liquid emulsion
pH (t.q.): 6 - 8
Solubility in water: soluble in warm water
Shelf life: 12 months

Field of application

Lanolin is a natural protection of wool against the effects of weather and gives a natural softness.

In the same way KEOSOFT WLS gives a special soft hand to the finished garment that you will love for its softness.

KEOSOFT WLS was created to have an alternative to silicone based softeners without losing its prerogative as an effective softener.


  • KEOSOFT WLS gives the fabric a soft and comfortable hand while maintaining the fiber’s natural properties. Suitable for all kind of fibers.
  • It does not alter the hydrophilic properties of the fabric.
  • Maintains the breath-ability characteristics of the fabric.
  • Due to its Eco-friendly characteristics KEOSOFT WLS complies with the main ecological textile standards.

How to use

KEOSOFT WLS thank to its non-ionic charge, can be mixed with different kind of products according to differents needs.

KEOSOFT WLS is easily applied by padding ( 20 - 80 g/l ).

Gots 6.0, ZDHC MRSL v 2.0 approved and compliant with GRS

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