Strong dispersing, sequestring agent



Chemical composition: neutralised mixture of organic acids
Ionic charge: anionic
Appearance: clear liquid
pH (t.q): 5 - 7
Solubility in water: easy and complete
Shelf life: 6 months

Field of application

  1. KEON 50 M has an excellent complexing power for alkaline earth (Ca and Mg) and heavy metals (Fe, Cu, Mn), even with a highly alkaline pH (>12), solving all problems arising from an excessive water hardness, such as insoluble salt sedimentation or lack of dyestuffs homogeneity.
  2. KEON 50 M does not affect dyeing where 1: 1 and 1: 2 metal complex dyes are used.
  3. KEON 50 M does not affect stability neither in warm baths or in highly alkaline conditions.
  4. KEON 50 M is a powerful dispersing agent strengthening cleaning agents action in washing and soaping processes avoiding re-sedimentation of unfixed dyestuffs on fibres.
  5. KEON 50 M prevents sedimentation due to silicate involved in bleaching with hydrogen peroxide.
  6. KEON 50 M is chemically stable to hydrolysis both in acidic and in alkaline pH environments thus less sensitive to electrolytes.

Gots 6.0, ZDHC MRSL v 2.0 approved and compliant with GRS.

How to use

Quantities recommended vary depending on machinery used, on liquor ratio and on processing complexity.

  • Synthetic fibres dyeing: 0,5 - 1 g/l of KEON 50 M
  • Dyeing with reactive and vat agents: 0,5 - 3 g/l of Keon 50 M
  • Impregnation baths - bleaching with Hydrogen peroxide: 1 - 2 g/l of KEON 50 M
  • Excessive soaping: 0,5 - 1 g/l of KEON 50 M

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