Standard hydrophilic spin finish for polypropiylene spun bond for the hygienic sector



Chemical composition: non-ionic surfactants, hygroscopic and antistatic agents
Ionic charge: non ionic - anionic
Appearance: straw-coloured clear liquid
pH sol. 10%: 6 - 8
Solubility in water: completely soluble in water
Shelf life:12 months


  1. Provides low values of strike through
  2. Doesn’t contain silicon
  3. Prevents the formation of elettrostatic charge
  4. Ensures a balanced friction coefficient F/M and F/F

Field of application

KEOFIL S 01 has been develped for the productioj of PP non- woven
for th hygenic sector.
Its extremly recommended when a high standard hydrophilic is required.

How to use

KEOFIL S 01 is applied in aqueous solution in concentration ranging from 5 to 15% according to the needs, through kiss roller or spraying.
The amount applied to the fiber may vary between 0.4 and 0.6 on the weigh of the goods.

Preparation of emulsion

Prepare demineralised water at room temperature, slowly
pour the product under agitation and keep stirring until complete

Determination of O.P.U.

The extractable percentage is determined by extraction , with
methanol or ethanol with Soxhlet equipment.

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