Water-based polyurethane compound for two-tone effect.



Appearance: white, viscous paste
pH: 8 +- 1
Viscosity: 1000 - 1200 cP s
(Brookf. Rpm 20 sp 2 T = 22°C)
Ionic charge: cationic

Field of application

KEOTECH K2 is used in fabrics printing and coating to get a two-tone effect. For this application, first printing or coating, and dyeing at a later stage, shall be performed.

Fabric will be characterized by two uniform colour shades: a more intense  one on the area previously printed or coated with KEOTECH K2, and a lighter one on the untreated area.

Product’s viscosity may be adjusted only applying the specific SINTEX PUK thickener.

Printed/coated fabric is dyed with reactive, acid and direct dyestuffs.
The best two-tone effect is improved with reactive dyestuffs.

How to use

Before printing, add 20 g/Kg of diammonium phosphate solution 1:3 to KEOTECH K2.
Stir the compound, print or coat and dry.
Polymerize for 3 minutes at 150°C.

For silk or other particular fibers, for which polymerization at a 150°C is not possible, preliminary tests at lower temperatures are recommended, eventually increasing the polymerization time.